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Exclusive Interview with Miss Tammy Blackwell! :)

HEY GUYS! I'm super excited to announce that I finally interviewed Miss Tammy Blackwell! For those of you who do not know, Miss Tammy is the author of the Timber Wolves Trilogy and the Shifters & Seers Series that explore the world of werewolves. Her characters are lovable, witty and unforgettable. Miss Tammy was very gracious about it all and I am so happy to have been able to ask her questions about the first of her books, Destiny Binds! :) Check out my review of Destiny Binds here!

Thanks for joining us today, Miss Tammy! It's an honor to have you here. What was the inspiration that made you pick up the pen and write Scout's story? 

I was a Young Adult Librarian when I first started writing Destiny Binds. I had a really great group of kids in my programs, and they all loved books, but I kept getting frustrated that none of the books actually depicted them or their lives. During one of our teen writing groups I wrote a scene in which a girl and boy were trapped alone in a cabin, hiding from the world. From that scene (which later showed up in Fate Succumbs), the idea started forming. Before I knew it, I was spending my evenings writing as much as I was reading.

What was the writing process like? Strenuous, laid-back, enjoyable? 

Writing is very hard for me. I struggle through the entire rough draft. I have to schedule time to write, and then force myself into the chair. The words are slow in coming, and I hate the majority of them as they appear on the screen. But once the rough draft is done, things get fun. I really enjoy revising and editing. Making something from nothing? Hard. Making something that exists better? That gives me a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Who is your favorite character and why? Which one is like you the most? 

I really enjoy writing Angel. I like how she plays off all the other characters, calling them out on their crap and forcing them to drop their pretenses. Even though I've just finished up the Shifters & Seers series, I would like to come back to that world some day and write Angel's story.
As for who is like me most... I would have to say there is a little bit of Miss Tammy in each of my characters, but probably Scout is the most like me. We think about things the same way, but she usually doesn't react the same way I would to situations.

What were you hoping to achieve by creating this book? (I mean, was the main purpose to make people laugh? Or to write a book that defied people's expectations about werewolves?)

My main purpose in writing Destiny Binds was to give kids like Scout a hero, and not just some Superman character who can do anything. Scout is a flawed hero. She has insecurities, makes mistakes, and can be completely self-centered, but she keeps surviving and trying to do the right thing, which is the definition of a true hero in my book.

Last of all, why did you end the first book like you did? Was there a message that you wanted to broadcast by doing that? 

I knew the end of the first book before I started writing it. It was important to me that Scout face real obstacles and know true loss. The end of Destiny Binds is the defining moment in Scout's life, and forces her to become the person she grows into over the remainder of the series. My hope was that readers would see what Scout endures and realize that if she can survive that, then they can survive whatever they're going through at the time too, no matter how horrible it may be. I wanted Scout's heartache to be another person's beacon of hope.

Thank you very much for being here today, Miss Tammy! I am definitely going to read the remaining books in your trilogy and new series!

Peeps, please check out her book, Destiny Binds--which is the first of many other awesome books--on Amazon! 


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